Methods of preformance apprisal

Thus, if there are ten employees to be appraised, there will be ten ranks from 1 to In the absence of any prescribed structure, the essays are likely to vary widely in terms of length and content.

A more widely used classification of appraisal methods into two categories, viz. The concept, then, traversed from the army to business arena during s. The series of statements arranged in the blocks of two or more are given and the rater indicates which statement is true or false. Checklist Evaluation Method A checklist evaluation method is simplistic but effective.

Performance Appraisal Methods: Traditional and Modern Methods (with example)

Interaction According to the Free Management Library, the interaction between manager and employee in regard to employee performance should be an ongoing process.

Beatty and Schneier have categorised various methods of appraisal into four groups: These employees are provided with measurable and achievable goals, which will be monitored and evaluated in the next performance review. They may get confused success depends on the memory power of raters.

In performance standards, the standards are set for the employees as per the previously arranged time period.

This is one of the oldest and simplest techniques of performance appraisal.

Methods of Performance Evaluation

It is more focused on observation of behaviors across a series of select exercises or work samples. The common practice is to follow five points scale. These reports are presented to me employees being rated. These appraisals are more directed to assess employees potential for future performance rather than the past one.

Various critical incidents are reallocated dimensions by another group of people who also know the job in question.

Performance appraisal

Each statement carries a score or weight, which is not made known to the rater. This system allows employers to customize the evaluation for each individual, which makes it highly useful for talent development. If the following five teachers have to be evaluated by the Vice Chanceller of a University: An MBO programme consists of four main steps: Thus, employee rating in this manner makes the method more objective.

Advantages — Evaluations are based on actual job behaviors, ratings are supported by descriptions, feedback is easy, reduces recency biases, chances of subordinate improvement are high.

Comparing Different Types of Performance Evaluation & Appraisal Methods

BARS are descriptions of various degrees of behaviour with regard to a specific performance dimension.Performance Appraisal: Objectives, Methods, an other Details! A merit rating, performance appraisal, employee appraisal, performance review, or (career) development discussion is a method by which the job performance of an employee is evaluated (generally in terms of quality, quantity, cost, and.

The criteria for performance appraisal methods are based on various aspects like productivity, quality of work, duration of service and training. Productivity is measured mostly in the case of manufacturing i.e. the number of units manufactured or delivered by the employee.

Performance Appraisal Methods: Traditional and Modern Methods (with example)


Numerous methods have been devised to measure the quantity and quality of performance appraisals. Each of the methods is effective for some purposes for some organizations only.

Performance appraisal deals with how organizations evaluate and measures its employees achievements and behaviors. It is an employee review by his manager where his work performance is evaluated and strengths and weaknesses are identified so. There are many types of performance appraisal methods.

Some of them are: 1) job results/outcome 2) essay method 3) Ranking 4) Forced Distribution.

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Methods of preformance apprisal
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